Written Works on the Repatriation

Press Reviews

Florence Avakian, History of Armenian Repatriation Focus of Talk at Zohrab Center, 3 April 2014.  The Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. Review.

Florence Avakian, Textile Wealth in a Miniature, 3 December 2013.  The Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. Review.

Arevig Caprielian, Hazel Antaramian Hofman's Lecture Presentation in New York City, 18 November 2013.  Newsletter of the Project of the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Diaspora.  In English. 

Print Articles

H. Antaramian-Hofman, "Archival Searches and the Journey of the Post-WWII Repatriates to Soviet Armenia,"  NAASR Newsletter, Fall 2013-Spring 2014, pp.14-15.

H. Antaramian-Hofman, "Back in the USSR" was published in Nouvelles d'Armenie, October 2012 issue.  It was translated from English to French by Janet Kabadayan. Errata: There is one minor historical correction to the article on page 67.  The information about Zabel Chookaszian should read, "essaye d'aventir ses cousins restes en Amerique de ne pas venir en Armenie."  Zabel tried to warn her cousins, who were going to travel on the second caravan.  The warning was not for her parents, since she traveled with her parents on the first American caravan to Soviet Armenia in 1947.  In French.   Back in the USSR article.

H. Antaramian-Hofman, "Now Embarking:  An Artistic Interpretation of the 1947 and 1949 Armenian Repatriation,"  NAASR Newsletter, Fall/Winter/Spring 2011-2012, p. 12.

Reprint of "I Want to Go Home" in Newsweek, International, Armenia, May 17, 1971.  Coverage of several American-Armenian repatriates coming back 'home' to the United States.  It mentions 322 American-Armenian repatriates from both caravans, but the actual number is closer to 312.  I Want to Go Home article. In English.

ՏԻԳՐԱՆ ՊԱՍԿԵՒԻՉԵԱՆ, (T. Paskevichyan),  Կայարանի Տեսիլքներն Ու Պատրանքները, (The Visions and Illusions of the Station), 28 May 2013.  In Armenian. 

Electronic Articles

H. Antaramian-Hofman, "Journey to Armenia, Port Stop in War-Torn Naples,"  Osservatorio balanci e caucaso, Online Newsletter, 14 March 2013. In English and Italian.

T. Paskevichyan, "The Visions and Illusions of the Station," Heqt, 15 March 2013.  Artist Interview.  In English.

H. Antaramian-Hofman, "From James Dean to Stalin:  the Tragedy of the Armenian Repatriation," Osservatorio balanci e caucaso, Online Newsletter, 17 August 2012. 

In English and Italian.

H. Antaramian-Hofman, "Now Embarking:  An Artistic Interpretation of the 1949 and 1948 Armenian Repatriation,"  Hye Sharzhoom, May 2012.  In English.

Print Books Written by Repatriates or About the Repatriation

In English

1.  An Armenian Odyssey by Sonia Meghreblian, Published by Gomidas Institute, 2012.

2.  My Odyssey by Antonina Mahari, Jaklin Ekmekjian and Gohar Arsenyan,  Published by Armenian International Women's Association, 2003.

3.  The Repatriate:  Love, Basketball, and the KGB by Tom Mooradian, Published by  Moreradiant, 2008.

4.  Resurrection with Cane and Shoe, My Feverish Life Across Continents by Harut Barsamian,  University of La Verne Press, 2008.

5.  Search for a Homeland by Hagop Jack Touryantz, Touryantz Publisher, 1987.

6.  To Armenians with Love, The Memoirs of a Patriot by Hovhannes Mugrditchian, Paulmart, Hobe Sound, Florida, 1997.

In French

1.  Armenie 1947:  Les Naufrages de la terre promise by Robert Arnoux, Published by Edisud, 2004.

2.  Les fils du Goulag by Armand Maloumian, Published by  Presses de la Cite, 1976.

3.  Les Pommes Rouges d'Armenie by Jean and Lucie Der Sarkissian, Published by Flammarion, 1987.

4.  Histoire D'un "Akhpar, by Albert Andonian, Bureau Dendy, 1992.

5.  Le rêve de l'Arménie, by Mona-Marianna Marikian,  Au Carre (Quebec), 2007.

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