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Posted by Hazel Antaramian Hofman on July 17, 2014 at 6:30 PM

17 July 2014

Today I received a wonderful email from a man whose mother and father were repatriates.  The added twist to their story was that they met in Siberia.  How?  Thanks to Stalin's deportations of Armenian repatriates.  I hope to meet the son of these repatriates whose lives were torturous at the very least.  More on this story later.

I have several stories via videowork that I will be adding before the summer is over.  By September 2014, most if not all (videos to date) will be posted.  I have also added a special page for the American-Armenians and I hope to expand their story with more articles found in period newspapers.  Earlier this summer I had a researcher find some papers located in the Eisenhower Library regarding their repatriation--these too will be documented on the website.

Earlier in the month, I opened a show at Fig Tree Gallery as one of its newest members (March 2014).  It was quite exciting and the reaction to my artwork was fulfilling.  My next show, which is a solo show, will be in January 2015, the year that many Armenian organizations begin their 100 year commemoration of the Armenian genocide.

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