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Posted by Hazel Antaramian Hofman on May 5, 2013 at 1:15 AM

As I was working on a new painting to be debuted at the May 22nd presentation in Burbank, I added another balloon.  Several of my paintings include balloons as both the object and the symbol.  As the object, it is present in many repatriate photographs during their years in Soviet Armenia as a popular item during May Day celebrations.  What this object concealed was its ephemeral qualities.  The balloon represents childhood innocence and dreams, yet its physical presence is constantly in danger from either the unexpected sudden rupture or from a slow and agonizing demise.  I find the multitude of symbolic representations that the "balloon" can embodies quite intriguing.  Similarily, the clothesline is a fascinating image that can be metaphorically used.  Again, it is an object present in many repatriate photographs during time in Armenia.  I have been incorporating both of these objects in my later work.  Completing the trio of motifs used in my work is the representation of the "halo" as one would find in religious iconography.  Other names of this include the nimbus or the aureole.  I allude to the "ring of light" with geometric bands of color surrounding the head of one of my subjects.  My intent is to reference its connection with sacred art, within which the "ring of light" denotes holy figures yet also images of rulers and heroes, or persons to be revered or honored.  Since most, if not all of my work contain symbolic elements, I feel compelled to write about each painting's iconography.  For this, I plan to begin a page in this website that explains my intent behind the work.  However, I am equally as interested to know how others assess about my composition.  Therefore, I hope to engage into a dialogue of my work that may lead it more and more to an honest place of reflection.


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